Carrying Out Your Loved One's Final Wishes

Estate administration is something that few people want to do. Most people named as trustees to a will are doing it for the first time, and often doing it in the middle of grief and mourning. As our population ages, the role of estate administrator is a more and more essential one.

At Flesher & Mann, we can take the burden and make sure that the role of a trustee is carried out effectively, quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Final Business

Our firm will help you carry out your loved one's final wishes, and:

  • Make sure all assets and debts are accounted for
  • Identify all of the beneficiaries
  • Distribute the assets to the appropriate parties
  • Prepare final tax returns
  • Close down any accounts or credit cards
  • Transfer real estate if needed
  • Keep records of everything done

When Things Go Wrong

Some of our clients come to us dealing not only with grief but also with problems caused by insufficient estate planning or faulty estate administration. There may be no will, or the will may be unclear or problematic in some way. The trustee may be unable or unwilling to carry out his or her duties in a timely manner.

Our firm can:

  • Help you sort out what to do if there is no will, including going to court to get an administrator appointed and getting consents needed to distribute assets
  • Deal with court supervision of all duties required
  • Help you resolve beneficiary and trustee disputes in order to avoid getting drawn into Ontario's court system

Contact Flesher & Mann

Call 226-780-3590 or fill out our online form. Our lawyer and staff can help clients in Guelph and surrounding areas of Wellington County carry out their duties as trustees.